Month: February 2022

Legal Weed and Job Drug Testing: What You Need to Know

If Weed is Legal, Can Jobs Still Drug Test? As states US continue legalize marijuana both medical recreational use, individuals left how impact workplace testing. While legalization weed created permissive cultural attitude, laws drug testing workplace necessarily up. This article explore landscape insights whether jobs still drug test states weed legal. Legal Climate As […]
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Free NYC Sublease Agreement | Legal Templates & Forms

The Ultimate Guide to Free NYC Sublease Agreements Are you considering subleasing your apartment in New York City? It`s important to have a solid understanding of the legalities and requirements involved in creating a sublease agreement. This guide, cover need about Free NYC Sublease Agreements. Understanding Subleasing in NYC Subleasing common practice NYC, among […]
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Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts: Expert Insights & Strategies

Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts Construction law enthusiast, marvel complexity intricacy Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts. Various factors variables play determining delays construction projects topic fascinating challenging navigate. Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts involves assessing causes impact delays construction project. Crucial determining responsible delays resulting consequences, extensions time compensation. Types of Delay Analysis Methods […]
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