Examples of Written Law in Malaysia: Understanding Legal Statutes

Examples of Written Law in Malaysia

Law enthusiast, always fascinated legal system Malaysia various written laws govern country. In blog post, explore Examples of Written Law in Malaysia discuss significance.

Constitution of Malaysia

Constitution of Malaysia supreme law country lays down framework government rights citizens. It written document foundation legal system Malaysia.

Year Amendments
1957 None
1963 Multiple amendments

Penal Code

The Penal Code is a written law that defines crimes and provides punishment for offenders. It is based on the Indian Penal Code and has been adapted to suit the Malaysian legal system.

Offense Punishment
Theft Imprisonment up to 7 years and fine
Homicide Death penalty or life imprisonment

Contracts Act 1950

The Contracts Act 1950 is a written law that governs contracts and agreements in Malaysia. It outlines the rights and obligations of parties entering into a contract.

Contract Type Enforceability
Void Contract Not enforceable law
Voidable Contract Enforceable unless rescinded

Examples of Written Law in Malaysia showcase diverse legal framework country. The Constitution, Penal Code, and Contracts Act are just a few instances of the comprehensive legal system in place. It truly remarkable see laws shape society ensure justice.

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Legal Contract: Examples of Written Law in Malaysia

As per the laws and legal practices in Malaysia, the following contract outlines the examples of written law in the country.

Parties The Government of Malaysia and all citizens and legal residents of Malaysia.
Background Whereas it is necessary to understand and adhere to the written laws of Malaysia for the orderly functioning of society and the administration of justice.
Examples Written Law
  1. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia
  2. The Penal Code
  3. The Contracts Act 1950
  4. The Employment Act 1955
  5. The Personal Data Protection Act 2010
  6. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009
  7. The Companies Act 2016
  8. The Consumer Protection Act 1999
Enforcement Any failure to comply with the written laws of Malaysia may result in legal consequences, including penalties, fines, or imprisonment, as determined by the judiciary in accordance with the established legal procedures.
Termination This contract outlining Examples of Written Law in Malaysia shall remain effect indefinitely, written laws themselves remain force until amended repealed appropriate legislative authorities.
Signatures Government Malaysia: _______________________
Citizens Legal Residents Malaysia: _______________________


Frequently Asked Legal Questions About Examples of Written Law in Malaysia

Question Answer
1. What Examples of Written Law in Malaysia? Written laws in Malaysia include the Federal Constitution, legislation passed by the Parliament, and subsidiary legislation enacted by the various government authorities. Federal Constitution serves supreme law land, laws inconsistent void extent inconsistency.
2. How does the Federal Constitution serve as an example of written law in Malaysia? The Federal Constitution outlines the fundamental rights of the citizens, the structure of the government, and the distribution of powers between the federal and state governments. It foundation legal system Malaysia provides framework written laws.
3. What is the significance of legislation passed by the Parliament as an example of written law in Malaysia? Legislation passed by the Parliament, also known as Acts, covers a wide range of areas such as criminal law, commercial law, and family law. Acts meticulously drafted debated Members Parliament enacted, carry force law throughout country.
4. Can you provide specific examples of Acts passed by the Parliament in Malaysia? Some examples of Acts in Malaysia include the Penal Code, the Contracts Act, and the Companies Act. These Acts govern various aspects of Malaysian society and are constantly amended to keep pace with the changing needs of the nation.
5. What is the role of subsidiary legislation as an example of written law in Malaysia? Subsidiary legislation, also known as delegated or secondary legislation, is made by the various government authorities such as the Cabinet, Ministers, and local councils. It includes regulations, by-laws, and orders that are essential for the effective implementation of Acts passed by the Parliament.
6. How Examples of Written Law in Malaysia impact legal system? The examples of written law provide a solid legal framework that ensures consistency, predictability, and fairness in the administration of justice. They serve as the bedrock of legal principles and play a crucial role in safeguarding the rights and interests of the people.
7. Are limitations Examples of Written Law in Malaysia? While written laws are essential for maintaining order and coherence in society, they are not infallible. Judiciary power review constitutionality laws declare void contravene provisions Federal Constitution.
8. How individuals access comprehend Examples of Written Law in Malaysia? The examples of written law are readily available to the public through official government websites, law libraries, and legal databases. Crucial individuals familiarize relevant laws ensure compliance protect rights.
9. What process amending Examples of Written Law in Malaysia? Amendments to the Federal Constitution require a special majority in the Parliament, whereas amendments to Acts and subsidiary legislation follow specific procedures outlined in the respective laws. The amendment process is designed to be thorough and reflective of the changing needs of society.
10. How Examples of Written Law in Malaysia contribute development legal profession? The examples of written law serve as a source of legal knowledge and expertise for legal practitioners, enabling them to interpret and apply the law with precision. They form the basis for legal education and training, laying the groundwork for a robust and proficient legal profession.